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Joanna Taylor

A self-taught artist, Joanna Taylor has travelled and painted all her life.
Growing up in Africa, the Middle East and Devon, she has always been captivated by the magic, colour and contrast of big skies.
Now settled back in Devon, with her husband and four small boys, she continues to be drawn to Britain’s moorlands in search of the drama and complexity of the sky.
Joanna finds inspiration in moors across the country including Exmoor, the New Forest and the Yorkshire Dales for her study of cloud formation. Yet it’s Dartmoor she traverses most regularly, often alongside her children, sketching her beautiful compositions of clouds and horizon before returning home to layer the light and shadow in oils.
She is influenced by Dutch artist Jacob van Ruisdael’s study of cloudscapes, the vastness of Thomas Cole’s canvases and seeks in her own work, to capture the intricacy of light spilling from cloud.
Joanna's canvases utilise a 70:30 ratio, magnifying the moment the landscape meets the horizon, offering an atmospheric perspective on the vastness of nature and the insignificance of self.
Paint is expressively layered and blended to create depth and texture, whilst her natural ability to use colour floods her canvases with light and life.
Demand for Joanna Taylor paintings has recently gathered pace, and she has now committed to making art full time, resulting in some exciting new collections in which her lifelong connection to her subject is emotively shared.